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Nairobi Chess Club

Welcome to the famous Nairobi Chess Club which is the oldest club in Kenya having been registered on 26th February 1958.

We now meet every Saturday from 2pm at the Goan Gymkhana, Ngara Road near the Museum Roundabout.

Latest News

GERMAN SCHOOL CHESS TOURNAMENT: DATE: Saturday 15th November 2014, VENUE: German School Nairobi (, CATEGORY: Open to all children aged below 12 years..... Click here for more

56th Nairobi Chess Club Championship: The most eagerly awaited event in Kenya was the 56th Nairobi Chess Club Championship which was held at the famous Braeburn School, Gitanga Road Nairobi, Kenya during the weekend of 23rd & 24th August 2014. Click here for more

Nairobi Chess Club is delighted to partner with the organiser’s of the SAMOSA (South Asian Mosaic of Society & the Arts) and hold a Chess Festival as part of their 2012 SAMOSA Festival......Click here for more

Peter Gilruth becomes the 54th Nairobi Chess Club Championship .....Click here to download

54th Nairobi Chess Club Championship - 18th and 19th August 2012.....Click here to download

Ugandan Team Set for Showdown with Nairobi Chess Club

Uganda’s National Chess team comprising of four players is set to depart for Nairobi, Kenya on the morning of Friday 10th February 2012 for a friendly show down with Nairobi Chess Club players on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th February 2012..............more

Click here to download 2012 Nairobi Chess League Schedule

Click here to download Nairobi Chess League 2012 Rules

NCC TO KICK OFF 2012 WITH LEAGUE AND PLAYER OF THE YEAR AWARD: The NCC Executive committee has confirmed the annual and popular NCC League will kick off its club activities for 2012. January 22nd 2012 will be the date to mark in your calendars. The club will introduce a novelty in the manner it kicks off the league. Breaking from the tradition of starting immediately with the first rounds, on the opening day of January 22nd there shall be a team blitz tournament to ........Click here to download

Nairobi Chess League 2012 edition: THIRD EDITION NAIROBI CHESS LEAGUE 2012 & Entry Form ....... Click here to download

20th November 2011: Speed Chess Tournament Report: A total of 40 players registered for this event with many top names, Ben Magana, Mehul Gohil, Matthew Kanegeni all chasing elusive Grand Prix Points. The event was proudly sponsored by Mehul Gohil & Aslam Adam of UK. 3 Kenyan universities took part – Kenyatta University, Strathmore University and
Day Star university...... Click here to download

At Nairobi Chess Club we are always on the lookout for fresh ideas, especially when it comes to event organisation. We are an old club continuously re-inventing ourselves and we cordially invite fellow Kenyan ................ Click here to download

We have enclosed our detailed program for our here to download

53rd Nairobi Chess Club Championship: 27th & 28th August 2011
The 53rd Nairobi Chess Club Championship began on Saturday, 27th August with a record 41 participants, one of the highest numbers seen at a club tournament in recent times.....more

Adventures in Kenya (Part 1): End February I received a mail from Africa: Whether I was interested in training the Kenyan top chess players.  Mails from Africa are not new to me: they come often with financial proposals of princes and ......more

Adventures in Kenya (Part 2): In my previous report I wrote about the training sessions with the Kenyan players, but I did not come for training only.  It is rare that a grandmaster visits (The last time was when Nigel Short was on vacation in Kenya, and before that, in 1990, when ......more

CHESS GRANDMASTER DIMITRI REINDERMAN VISITS KENYA: Kenyan chess got a much needed boost when one of the world’s top trainers, Grand Master (GM) Dmitri Reinderman of Holland, flew into the country on Thursday 21st July 2011  to conduct an extensive chess clinic....more

Schedule of Events

  • 4th October 2014 – Niels Lauritsen Chess Tournament
  • 20th September 2014 – Thematic Queens Gambit Decline event
  • 23rd & 24th August 2014 – 56th Nairobi Chess Club Championship
  • 21st & 22nd June 2014 – 4th Capablanca Cup
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